“We hosted an event at the Natural History Museum of Utah for around 200 teachers from all across the country. Nino and his dancers kicked off the night with an incredible performance. Many of the teachers and guests later told us that this was the highlight of their evening! I would recommend to anyone looking for an impactful, exciting, and beautiful performance to reach out to Nino. 

It was a truly captivating presentation, and we can’t thank you enough for showcasing your Native American culture at our event! 

Ivy Perkins 

Event Manager 



I was very impressed with the presentation that Nino did for our 78 third graders. He was knowledgeable and held the students attention during the entire program. I especially liked the rattlesnake story and the moral that they learned from it. His flute playing was breathtaking, his dancing superb, and his regalia captivating. I would highly recommend him to any school, scout troops or groups interested in learning about Native Americans. Children need exposure like this to help them understand and respect different cultures and practices other than their own. Thank you for an amazing Native American experience, you were truly captivating!!
Shawnae Aiu
3rd Grade Teacher
Legacy Preparatory Academy

As a third grade teacher, I know the challenges of engaging and sustaining the engagement of students in the learning process. Nino's presentation of the Native American culture was outstanding. Nino had the children in the "palm of his hand" from the moment he stepped on the stage until the moment he walked off. He commanded their attention. He taught not only about his people but how to show respect for all people. Nino's presentation was interactive. One of my student's commented in class afterward, "That went by so fast, I wish that we could stay longer." This child spoke for all three classes of third graders. Well done and thank you Nino!
Christine H. Kirkham
Third Grade Teacher
Legacy Preparatory Academy

The program was awesome. Students sat quietly and were involved in what was being said and demonstrated. Much sound advice was given in stories, children remember that kind of advice. Thank you and we are looking forward to having you back!
Mrs. Merrill
Third Grade Teacher
Legacy Preparatory Academy